Selecting a road trip vehicle

What’s your dream car for a road trip?

My trip is the pacific coastal stretch on CA Highway 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The car is a black 1969 Chevy Camaro RS/SS Convertible.

A black 1969 Chevy Camaro RS/SS Convertible

I thought about this question after reading “A Road Trip With Retro Charm—and a Car to Match” – Wall Street Journal, 8/9/19 (paywall, link here).

Selecting the right vehicle for a trip is underappreciated. Different trips demand different vehicles. 

Ski trip to Tahoe? Four wheel drive with lots of storage capacity. Coastal cruising? Convertible (and horsepower). Wine tasting in Napa? Your call, you probably won’t remember…

As self-help and organizational guru Marie Kondo says, does it [the car] bring you joy? There’s not a ‘correct’ car for a road trip. It’s subjective; a matter of personal preference, comfort and intentions. On the flip side, there could be bad car choices for certain trips.

The author writes, “Choosing a landscape for a car is like choosing a wine for a meal.” 

The Bottom Line

In my opinion, choosing a car for a road trip is like choosing dessert after a meal. Any will do, as long as you select one. OK, not as elegant, but hey, I don’t write for the Wall Street Journal… 

But seriously, I’d wager most people start with the road trip, then decide the car.

Maybe it’s a budget decision? Or functionality? It can be emotional; a previously owned car or even a dream car.

The inventory of vehicles on car sharing platform’s like Turo is amazing. Turo has requirements on the vehicle vintage so the marketplace doesn’t really feature antique or classic cars.

What’s your dream roadtrip and vehicle?

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