My car sharing side hustle in October earned me $1,616 after expenses.

This was slightly higher than my profit goal of $150. Review my September’s earnings blog post here.

October Earnings Summary

Overall, it was a ‘hands-off’ month. There wasn’t much turnover, cleaning or moving cars since I had one long trip accounting for 16 days.

I received this specific reservation soon after listing my Mustang when my daily price was low. I didn’t have many reviews at the time. It was bittersweet to have my Mustang on the road for such a bargain. But at least it was generating revenue…

My X5 had one rental for 3 days which earned me $231.

October 2019 Profit and Loss – Car Sharing

My expenditures were low. 

I set up a new Fastrak toll account to stay better organized between Turo and personal trips.

Requesting reimbursement for tolls is currently a manual and tedious process. If anyone knows of a way to automate this please let me know. I haven’t figured out how to make this work with StreetSmarts.

I’m happy to report that I didn’t experience any claims or issues.

Goals For Next Month

From a maintenance perspective, I plan to personally change the cabin and engine air filters. Wish me luck. It’s not an expensive job ($20 for a cabin air filter).

I’m aiming to have my Mustang on the road 50% of the time in November. I expect my convertible to experience a slowdown in reservations during the winter months. However, I made a point in my Turo listing to mention that San Francisco’s average temperature is between 64 and 51 degrees Fahrenheit. 

NorCal Area and Highs/Lows (Fahrenheit):
Marin = 64° / 47
Big Sur = 66° / 46°

Why not rent a convertible!

On the flip side, I predict rentals for my BMX X5 to pickup. 4-wheel drive and SUV’s are in demand for ski season, Tahoe trips, etc. 

Revenue Guidance for November:

Mustang: $750 
BMW X5: $500
Total Revenue: $1250

Are you ready to start car sharing?

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Smash that car payment!

Connect with me. I’m happy to share recommendations, tips and advice tailored to your specific situation. 

To a great November!

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