Guide to Purchasing a Turo Car

Taking your first step in car sharing can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. I break down the process into three stages.

Good luck with your car share hosting journey!

Selecting a road trip vehicle

Selecting the right vehicle for a trip is underappreciated. Different trips demand different vehicles. As self-help and organizational guru Marie Kondo says, does it [the car] bring you joy? There’s not a ‘correct’ car for a road trip. It’s subjective; a matter of personal preference, comfort and intentions. On the flip side, there could be bad car choices for certain trips.

July's Earnings on Turo

The numbers are in. In this post I review my financial performance on Turo for July. Revenue for both cars was $1433.

What is Carsharing?

What is carsharing?

Peer-to-Peer carsharing, which started in 2000 in the US, is part of the sharing economy. An individual hosts their vehicle on a platform or marketplace. Guests reserve the vehicle and are insured by the platform. Hosts earn revenue which offsets the ownership costs of a vehicle.