Turo car sharing earnings

August was a record month for my vehicles on Turo’s peer to peer car sharing marketplace. I earned $2,035 after expenses with 3800 miles driven.

In this post I review what worked, what I need to work on, and what I’m forecasting for next month and beyond.

Ready to start sharing your car? Want to reduce the cost of car ownership? Get in touch and let’s strategize.

My Mustang being delivered by Carvana

This is my Carvana review for purchasing a car. Carvana is an excellent way to purchase a vehicle. An important success factor for Turo car share hosts is purchasing and acquiring a vehicle at the right price.
Hope you enjoy this one!

Guide to Purchasing a Turo Car

Taking your first step in car sharing can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. I break down the process into three stages.

Good luck with your car share hosting journey!

Selecting a road trip vehicle

Selecting the right vehicle for a trip is underappreciated. Different trips demand different vehicles. As self-help and organizational guru Marie Kondo says, does it [the car] bring you joy? There’s not a ‘correct’ car for a road trip. It’s subjective; a matter of personal preference, comfort and intentions. On the flip side, there could be bad car choices for certain trips.