Feb 2020 Earnings

February 2020 Turo Car Sharing Earnings are finalized – $313 Profit.

Making money with Turo is possible. My Turo car share earings for January was $1,700. This includes a claims reimbursement and doesn’t include depreciation.

X5 Turo Claims

My Host Perspective with Turo Claims I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from other hosts with Turo claims. Here’s my experience, as it unfolds, with Turo claims. Since insurance, claims and car damage is a common concern with car sharing I’ll do my best to document my experience from the host perspective. The Story […]

Solopreneur and gig economy

Why Car Share? A lot of my friends ask me why I rent my vehicles on Turo. At first my answer went something like this: it’s a profitable side-hustle, it financially allows me to drive cool vehicles, it’s fun participating in the sharing economy and the emerging mobility-as-a-service ecosystem. After some reflection, hard accounting and […]

November earnings came in at $500 amid a ‘winter slowdown’. This was from 5 different reservations.