X5 Turo Claims

My Host Perspective with Turo Claims I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from other hosts with Turo claims. Here’s my experience, as it unfolds, with Turo claims. Since insurance, claims and car damage is a common concern with car sharing I’ll do my best to document my experience from the host perspective. The Story […]

Solopreneur and gig economy

Why Car Share? A lot of my friends ask me why I rent my vehicles on Turo. At first my answer went something like this: it’s a profitable side-hustle, it financially allows me to drive cool vehicles, it’s fun participating in the sharing economy and the emerging mobility-as-a-service ecosystem. After some reflection, hard accounting and […]

November earnings came in at $500 amid a ‘winter slowdown’. This was from 5 different reservations.

View Turo as an opportunity to reduce the cost of vehicle ownership, not as a profitable side business. Be mindful of depreciation and deferred costs.

I made $1600 in profit from car sharing on Turo in October. It was an exceptionally low maintenance month since one rental was 16 days long! Check out my profit and loss statement and see how I did.